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European exploration and colonisation in Australia - Stage 2: Videos

This guide has been created to support the teaching of Year 4 History.

Clickview: HMB Endeavour's Journey of Exploration

In 1768, His Majesty's Bark Endeavour set sail from England on a scientific voyage of exploration with Lieutenant James Cook at it's helm. What did the voyage accomplish for science and navigation? More importantly, what did the arrival on the east coast of Australia eventually lead to? How has this changed the course of Australian history?

Click here to view (19 minutes, 57 seconds)

Clickview: European and Aboriginal Views

In this video historians explain some common early views that the Europeans and the Aboriginal people had of one another. Some Aboriginal people thought that the Europeans were ghosts, and some Europeans thought that the Aboriginal people were savages. Despite early mutual curiosity, conflicting views about land use and laws eventually led to Aboriginal dispossession of land, and the assimilation policies of Federation.

5 minutes, 37 seconds





Clickview: The Tasman Map

The Tasman map is an extremely rare and old document showing the two voyages of Abel Tasman that were critical to the discovery of Australia. It was believed to be drawn in 1647 in Batavia.

For more information click here (5 minutes, 34 seconds)

Clickview: Moreton Bay Penal Colony

Work! Punishment! Prison! What was it like to be a convict in Australia’s early penal colonies? Listen to the story of a convict from Moreton Bay as he describes why penal colonies were established; and learn about the harsh life convicts had. Students will learn through this easy to follow story accompanied by many primary sources from the era of Australian colonisation.

It is accompanied by a detailed teacher pack that offers a variety of resources and extension activities to stimulate students’ interest and learning.

To view click here (6 minutes, 5 seconds)