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Mapping - Stage 1: Videos and Interactives

This guide has been created to support the Year 2 Geography program

Clickview: Mapping miniclip

Noah and Mustard are lost in the forest and need to find out how to get home, but all they have is a map that they don't know how to use! Can you help them?

This miniclip introduces maps and their purposes, and how understanding the scale, compass and legend (or key) allow us to read any map we come across.

4 minutes, 19 seconds

Clickview: ABC TV 'Mapping'

Hamza thinks finding his way around is easy...until his smart phone breaks. Uh oh. Now he needs to use maps to get where he's going. Along the way, Hamza forms a marching band and gets travel tips from a gargoyle. A map is a 2D representation of a 3D space. Kids learn how to find a path from one point to another using a map. We also touch upon grids, and the concepts of optimization and scale.

This episode could be watched in one sitting or in sections.  

21 minutes, 5 seconds.

Clickview: Where am I? miniclip

Geographical concepts such as measurement and the representation of features depicted through maps, globes and compasses are essential for understanding and using navigation tools effectively. Younger students will easily understand this concept with this specially designed Miniclips title, using spectacular graphics, easy to understand language and straightforward explanations. A must-see for all young geography students!

Also includes resource links to Teacher Pack, My Way to School worksheet and Passport Worksheet.

4 minutes, 9 seconds

Clickview: On the grid

Ahoy there! Unearth the key to reading maps with gridlines and join Eric in his search for a hidden buried treasure.

In this episode students will learn concepts such as horizontal and vertical axis, intersections and relative distances.

3 minutes, 29 seconds

Clickview: Go Jet Academy 'Map Readers"

At the Go Jet Academy, Ubercorn has found an old map that leads to the go dome of the Ancients. This mysterious dome was built by the first ever Go Jetters and has been lost for hundreds of years. This episode explores what maps are and their features.

11 minutes, 2 seconds.