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Food Safari: Videos

Healthy Kids (ClickView)

This song targets Australian students and helps them to recognise the relationship between food and lifestyle choices, and performance and wellbeing as they read, sing and learn positive behaviours surrounding exercise, nutrition, and healthy living. This curriculum-aligned song targets outcomes of curriculum documents and supports and integrates classroom learning across key subject areas.

Food Groups and Nutrition (ClickView)

We all know eating healthy is important – but why? What are these mysterious “nutrients” that are hiding in these healthy foods? This fun animated Miniclip delves into the world of nutrients and how they help keep us healthy and energised! Your students will learn about the foods to include in their daily diet such as fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, calcium, fibre, and water. With an understanding of the benefits to eating healthy, your students will be enjoying a balanced diet in no time!

I Ate a Rainbow (ClickView)

We must try to eat lots of different colours at every meal. You can also try to get this song out of your head once you've heard it, but I doubt you will.

What's in My School Lunch? - Making Healthy Choices (ClickView)

Join the residents of Chesterwood as they compete in 'The Great Chesterwood Lunch Box Lunch Off'. Cheer on Phyllis Ffancy, Biff "The Truck" McAdams, and newcomer Maverick Harrison as they prepare, pack and eat their school lunches to find out who has the most energy and concentration to keep up with their busy school schedule. In this programme, the cast of whacky characters demonstrate the principles of a healthy school lunch. We learn how to select, prepare and pack a fun and nutritious lunch and discover the effects of both good and bad lunch box choices on your energy and concentration.

Activate (ClickView)

In this energising song, a big block and his robot friend try to keep active.

Brushing up on Dental Hygiene (ClickView)

Just like we shower everyday, we should brush our teeth too! In this endearing animated Miniclip, your younger students will learn all about why we brush our teeth twice a day, the consequences if we don’t, how to brush properly, as well as additional healthy habits to help keep our teeth healthy and strong!

The Healthy Eating Pyramid (ClickView)

In 2015, Nutrition Australia updated the Healthy Eating Pyramid with a fresh look and targeted health messages. This programme examines the design and content of these latest dietary recommendations. We also bust some common myths about truly healthy eating and give you the skinny on the best foods for optimal health.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Lifestyles (ClickView)

The World Health Organisation describes health as being 'a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being'. In this clip we explore these three aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Physical well-being means eating correctly, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. Good psychological health involves being able to cope with life events and stressors, and social health means having positive relationships and influences. The effects of unhealthy choices such as alcohol, smoking, high fat and high sugar diets are also discussed.

Healthy Habits (ClickView)

People are always telling us to be healthy–but what does that actually mean? This Miniclip follows Maya as she learns how to create healthy habits involving her diet, sleep, physical activity, spending less time on her devices, and the value in finding a balance.

Nutrition and Health (ClickView)

This video explores the components of a healthy and balanced diet. It discusses nutrients and their roles in the body and what kinds of food contain different types of nutrients. It also looks at what kinds of foods we should eat more or less of and what kinds of foods should be eaten in moderation.

Smart Food, Healthy Body (ClickView)

This Australian-made, primary curriculum-fit programme takes us outside to an athletics track and inside to a battle of minds over a chessboard - exploring how nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining both a healthy body and mind. Our presenter, aided by young competitors, guides us through the role that nutrients play in our diets and the positive outcomes that can be achieved by making healthy and balanced food choices. We finish by taking a look at the journey food takes through our body showing how nutrients are taken in and waste products removed.

Lunch Box (ClickView)

What is in your lunch box? Kioka opens her lunch box and it has broccoli, apples, bananas, carrots, and a cupcake!