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Force in Action: Teacher Resources and Lesson ideas

This guide has been created to support the Year 4 Science program.

Smooth Moves Weebly

This website has been created by Year 4 teacher to teacher this unit of work. It covers force and motion, friction (helpful and unhelpful) and gravity. It has lots of really fantastic video resources. Be warned the teachers have indicated on their website that they are happy to share their website but they do open and close pages as they use them with their own students so you may want to get a good look at it early on and make your own links to resources they share in case they close the page.


Primary Connections Smooth Moves Complete Unit: Scootle

This comprehensive unit of work can be found through Scootle. (You need to register to access this but membership is free for all Australian educators.)


Primary Connections Magnetic Moves Complete Unit: Scootle

This comprehensive unit of work can be accessed through Scootle. (You must register to use this resource but membership is free).

This resource explore magnets and magnetism. You can download a PDF of the full resource from Scootle. I used the search term 'magnet' and the filters Subject = Science Grade = 3-4



EverySchool - links to forces activities, videos

This link takes you to a collection of resources including videos and interactives, lesson plans and printables to support the teaching of forces, friciton, magnetism and gravity.