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Persuasive Texts Stage 2: Videos and Clips

This guide has been created to support the teaching of the Year 4 unit on Persuasive Texts

Persuasive Writing For Kids: Episode 1 - Teaching Without Frills

This episode of Persuasive Writing from Teaching Without Frills is located on YouTube. This link has been edited to remove ads and viewer comments so it is more appropriate to share with your students. Follow up episodes can be located in Epic! but have been collated into a collection for you in this guide.


The Day The Crayons Quit - Oliver Jeffers

This recording of The Day The Crayons Quit is read by the illustrator Oliver Jeffers. It will only be uploaded to his website to support students and teachers during the COVID 19 period. It is a fun reading as he has his friends from around the world take on the role of the different coloured crayons. The production quality is amateur but the fun factor is high. This book is a good starting point for persuasive wriing. The story reading starts around the 4 minute mark.



Persuasive Writing For Kids: 5 Episodes

These clips from Teaching Without Frills can be found on Epic!. Each is is approximately 2 minutes long. There are five clips covering the topics Brainstorming Topics, Making a Plan, Writing an Introduction, Developing Reasons and Closing Your Writing. These have been gathered together in a collection that you should be able to share with your students separately or as a collection.


Disney: Tangled - EnhanceTV

Disney's Tangled can be accessed 24/7 by teachers and students on ClickView. 

The scene that plays at the 10 minute 25 second point includes the scene where Rapunzel tries to convince her 'mother' to let her leave the tower and the song 'mother' sings to convince her to stay. It would make a great stimulus for persuasive writing. The image below will take you to the full film.