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Year 6 Novel Study 2023 resources: Creativity

Create a Storyboard using Canva

Click on the picture to access an article about how to create a Storyboard using Canva. This explains what a Storyboard is, what the elements of a good Storyboard are and how to tips.

How to create a timeline using Canva on the picture to watch a video tutorial on how to create a timeline using templates on Canva.

Ken Nesbitt - Poetry4Kids

Click on the picture to access Ken Nesbitt's excellent poetry website. This will take you directly to his poetry lessons for kids. You'll find instructions on how to write a wide variety of poetry forms. If you explore the site further you'll find lots of examples of poems as well as a rhyming dictionary that you might find helpful to write your own poem.

Tips for creating a catchy jingle

Click on the picture to read an article that outlines the steps involved in creating a catchy jingle.

How to make a diorama

Click on the picture to learn how to create a diorama. This article includes steps for planning and creating as well as helpful videos.