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Year 6 Novel Study 2023 resources: Characters

How to create a Movie Poster

Click on the picture to access an article which explains how to make a movie poster. This information is directed at teachers but you will the 7 steps outlined towards the end of the article to be very useful.

Questions for a Character Interview

Click here for some questions that you might like to use as part of your character interview. Questions are organised into the categories of physical appearance, background and lifestyle, interests, relationship, thoughts and emotions. 


How to draw characters

Click on picture to learn some trips and tricks for drawing characters.

Write a Character Diary Entry

Click on the picture to learn how to write an effective character diary entry. This article will teach you how to prepare for the task, break the entry into a beginning, body and conclusion and provide you with tips on effective language use. It also includes an example character diary entry and a self-assessment grid.