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Mindfulness: Movies and programs

Inside Out - ClickView

The movie Inside Out explores emotions and feelings. It can be accessed through ClickView which is available for students and teachers 24/7. 


What is Empathy (ClickView)

What is empathy and how can we use our brains to practice it? It's called 'Prefrontal Power!' and it helps us to see life from someone else's perspective.

What is Mindfulness (ClickView)

Get comfortable it's time for your daily dose of Mindfulness. In this episode, we find out how the brain works when we are angry or anxious and how we can re-wire it to relax, reflect and make more mindful choices.

Kindness (ClickView)

Being kind is free and easy but it's funny how often we forget to show kindness. In this episode, we learn why helping someone else also makes our own selves feel really good.

Gratitude (ClickView)

Life can be complicated when we think about all the things we don't have. Here's a way to reset your brain: say thank you for all the wonderful things you already have and feel yourself becoming more motivated and optimistic.

Let's Talk about Mood (ClickView)

Let's talk about mood! Did you know that recalling a happy memory can make you feel better straight away? Watch this episode to find out how the chemicals in our brains work to make this happen.