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Mindfulness: Online Resources

'What is mindfulness?' video - Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an organisation that specialises in mindfulness, particularly in young people. They have programs and an app that you can find out more about here. During this COVID 19 period they also have a free program 'Thrive Inside' that you might like to explore. The video below is from their website and provides a clear, child friendly explanation of what mindfulness is. Click on the image below and then scroll down the page to watch the video.



Your Secret Treehouse Guided Meditation - New Horizon YouTube

This Your Secret Treehouse Guided Meditation from New Horizon - Meditation and Sleep Stories on YouTube is approximately 16 minutes long. This link has been modified so that the YouTube ads and comments do not play so it is more ideal for sharing directly with students.


Hey Sigmund - Mindfulness activities for children

'Hey Sigmund' is a website developed by psychologist Karen Young. The resource from her website below lists many mindfulness activities that are ideal for use with students. This has been converted to a print-friendly resource but be aware that website user comments are included at the bottom of the pdf.  (For copyright purposes please be sure to credit Karen Young if you alter and share this resource directly with students).


51 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids -

This list by provides 51 mindfulness exercises for kids with many links included.


Breath Meditation for Kids

This Breath Meditation for Kids from the Meditation Channel on YouTube is approximately 6 minutes in duration and introduces kids to mindfulness. Kids imagine a sail boat rising and falling over waves as they inhale and exhale. They use mental imagery to see their breath as color as they observe the sensation of it passing through the nostrils. Finally they cultivate beginners mind imagining they were once a fish and are feeling air in their lungs for the first time.


Mindful Journalling Prompts - Journal Buddies

These 52 mindfulness journal prompts by Journal Buddies focus mainly on self-esteem and confidence.