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Government: Obligations citizens may consider they have beyond their own national borders

Curriculum Content

The obligations citizens may consider they have beyond their own national borders as active and informed global citizens.


  • identifying the obligations people may consider they have as global citizens (for example, an awareness of human rights issues, concern for the environment and sustainability, being active and informed about global issues)
  • describing dual citizenship and its implications for identity and belonging
  • using a current global issue (for example, immigration across borders or clearing native forests to establish palm oil plantations) to discuss the concept of global citizenship

School Hero

This unit of work explores the qualities that characterise an award winner from any of the Australian of the Year Award categories and supports students to reflect on the role of outstanding members of their own community. Activities explore the criteria used to nominate and select award candidates and consider how the criteria might apply to select a 'hero' in their own school community. By using the Australian of the Year Awards criteria and selection process as a guide, students collaboratively create their own criteria for a school award and follow a process to nominate, select and finally award a member of their school community. Finally, students plan an award ceremony and create a video profile of the winner highlighting what it means to contribute positively to their community.