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Self Discovery: Strategies to use when feeling uncomfortable, unsafe or need help with a task

Curriculum Content

Practise strategies they can use when they feel uncomfortable, unsafe or need help with a task, problem or situation.


  • identifying and rehearsing strategies they can use when requiring assistance, such as asking an adult, reading basic signs and solving a problem with friends
  • locating and recording phone numbers of local organisations they can contact in case of emergency and rehearsing a phone call to triple zero
  • identifying situations that require the help of emergency services
  • recognising photos and locations of safe places and a network of people who can help
  • describing warning signs (physical, emotional and external) that can help them to know if they are safe or unsafe

TrackSAFE Educartion Primary School Resources


This unit of work introduces students to the importance of safe behaviours in and around tracks and stations based on a real or virtual visit to a station, local level crossing and tracks. The central focus is familiarisation with main elements of the train network and responsible actions around crossings, platforms and tracks including understanding the key practice of Stop, Look, Listen, Think.

Stay safe - Health and Physical Education

In this teaching unit, students explore safe and unsafe situations so that they understand their responsibility in staying safe. They examine the safety clues that can be used in situations and will explore the emotions they feel in response to safe and unsafe situations. Students consider different aspects of sun safety and how they can promote their health, safety and wellbeing. This package includes a unit plan, topic outlines and a video to help teachers unpack the content as well as resources, an assessment task and guide to making judgments, teacher notes and a model response. This unit is part of a complete set of units for Year 1 and 2 Band, Health and Physical Education - Personal, social and community health strand.

Let's Keep Safe