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Self Discovery: Similarities and differences in individuals and groups

Curriculum Content

Recognise similarities and differences in individuals and groups, and explore how these are celebrated and respected.


  • examining images or descriptions of different families, communities and cultural groups to identify the features that make them similar and different
  • sharing the things that make them similar to and different from others in the class
  • exploring the importance to different cultures of storytelling through dance, music and song, including Aboriginal Dreaming/Creation stories
  • discussing practices of their own culture used to pass on significant information from one generation to the next

Student Wellbeing Hub


The primary students' section of the hub contains resources designed for use with students from Foundation to Year 6. Information and activities are provided to help students learn about building respectful relationships with others, online safety, keeping healthy and making informed choices, about alcohol and other drugs. Some resources have accompanying teacher resources in the educator section of the Hub.

Everyone Everyday Program


This resource is a unit of work about disability awareness with a focus on the concept of inclusion. It includes an introductory page for teachers and eight lesson plans. Each lesson has an overview, links to the Australian Curriculum, sequence of learning, activities and linked resources. Themes explored include: uniqueness, feelings, different ways of communicating, opportunities for all, participation, using spaces, different ways to learn and inclusion. Activities are supported with the use of texts. This unit of work is one part of the larger resource titled the Everyone Everyday Program.