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Upper Primary Art: ACAVAM115


Develop and apply techniques and processes when making their artworks.


  • enhancing and practising their art making skills in using a range of materials and technologies
  • Considering viewpoints – materials and technologies: What is the artwork made of? How does the choice of material enhance the audience’s understanding of the artist’s intention? What made you want to touch this sculpture?
  • making informed choices about using various combinations of representational elements appropriate for a concept, theme or subject matter, for example, combining realistic drawing skills with an appropriated image from the past to create new meaning
  • explaining influences of other artists on their own art making
  • evaluating the characteristics of their work that are more successful, and work to improve their knowledge and skills from this reflection



This is a free application for the iPad that focuses on creating drawings and sketches using virtual professional-grade tools and brushes, and imaging techniques. It features a full-screen workspace and an 11-icon menu including pan and zoom navigation, a brush editor, colour wheels with HSB and RBG colour space, an eye-dropper tool, a layering feature, the ability to import photos, a radius and opacity editing function, a text function, undo and redo buttons, the ability to save works to a SketchBook gallery and iCloud support. It also includes simple introductory instructions with images, a help section and a news section. This application requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Visual art starters: sustain your art

This is a resource about using clean waste materials to create artworks that promote sustainability. It begins with a video featuring contemporary visual artist Ash Keating discussing his commitment to sustainability and describing three of his artworks. The resource contains three teacher-guided learning activities: Ash Keating – Visual artist (one lesson); Waste and sustainability (one lesson); and Waste of space (four lessons). Supporting the activities are three activity sheets - Artist as Activist, What Waste! and Waste of Space; images of Keating's three works; a glossary; and detailed teacher notes including extension activities and safety considerations.

Brushes 3

This is a free application for the iPad and iPhone that focuses on creating paintings using a range of virtual brushes and editing features. It includes a full-screen workspace and an icon menu that enables various-sized brush strokes, adjustable brush shapes and settings, a colour wheel and colour matcher and undo and redo functions. Users are able to: record and replay paintings, as well as save them as PNG and JPEG files; export to Dropbox, Twitter and Facebook; and import from a personal image library. The iPad version also features adjustable colour balance and adjustable hue, saturation and brightness.


This is an interactive resource that focuses on creating collage artworks using a library of five backgrounds and different shaped cut-outs, and applying various editing techniques such as changing the size and the position of the shape, the opacity of the shape, and using the draw function, layering and repitition. It also features examples of the works of famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Sarah Lucas, Jacques de la Villegle, and Romare Bearden who have used similar techniques to create well-known artworks.

Through my own eyes: a self-portrait


This resource for teachers is a visual arts unit that leads to a resolved two-dimensional self-portrait on paper. The unit combines the techniques of drawing and painting and explores the concept of a personal environment. It is in four parts: exploring examples of portraits by artists across history; developing line-drawn abstracted symbols and a self-portrait; skills and techniques in painting, colour mixing and the use of warm, cool, analogous and complementary colour schemes; and resolving the artwork. This resource includes links to images, galleries and further information.

NGAkids Art Zone - iTunes app


Explore eight interactive activities inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington USA. Investigate visual conventions and understand more about design elements and principles through artistic play. A range of portrait, landscape, still-life and abstract paintings.Free when reviewed 26/5/2015.